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Hemaia Mission

be one of the national and international leading risk manager for cash logistics and high-value markets by offering . integrated services of Cash-In-Transit and ATMs' Replenishment and Cash Center driven by forward thinking and advanced technology.

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About us

Hemaia Jordan is specialized in cash in transit and in offering funds, gold, jewelry and precious materials services, as well as replenishment of ATMs, by using the most recent methods.

Hemaia has a fleet of modern armored vehicles, specially designed to provide ballistic security for both crew and cargo.

Hemaia armored vehicles maintain excellent communications capabilities.

All CIT and ATMs’ replenishment personnel of Hemaia are Jordanians, military retirees, most of them from the Royal Special Forces and Private Guardians, well armored and well trained physically and technically on operational methods.

Hemaia armored vehicles are built in accordance with international standards and specifications for armoring.

The company offers the financial services which are hard to be performed by the banks, locally and regionally, According to the most recent international technology and with professional quality and efficiency.

Hemaia obtained official license from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Industry and all other official authorities.

our Partners

King Abdallah װ for Design and Development Bureau.

Jordan Ahli Bank

Alrwad Company for security

Arab Jordanian Insurance Group

Hemaia Group of
Saudi Arabia.